Water Infuser Pitcher – Tasty, Healthy, and Easy

Flavoring water with fruit, vegetables, or even herbs can be a great way to get into drinking more water. All you need is a water infuser pitcher to do the job. Did you know that the average woman’s body is 55% water (60% for men)? With this fact in mind, it makes sense why we’re always … Read more

Best Countertop Water Dispenser – Cool and Convenient Hydration

Whether you’re running around with the kids or studying in your room, staying hydrated is essential to your wellbeing. The best countertop water dispenser means having refreshing water accessible at your fingertips. The form and features of countertop water dispensers vary in many ways. Choosing the best countertop water dispenser for your needs and budget … Read more

Tea Infuser Pitcher – Café Quality at Home

Making your favorite beverages at a fraction of the price is pretty straightforward – all you need is a tea infuser pitcher. Tea and coffee are, without a doubt, daily staples for many around the world. Today, chain and independent cafés line every street corner. However, the cost of these hot and cold beverages adds … Read more

Our Best Portable Water Filter Picks

Getting yourself the best portable water filter before you head out allows you to ditch the heavy water bottles and lighten your pack. Whether you’re day-tripping, off hiking, or on a multi-week camping excursion, you’ll want to have fresh drinking water available. You don’t want to find yourself short of potable water while enjoying Mother … Read more