Water Bottle Misters – Be Beautiful Stay Cool!

Trying to beat the heat or style your hair? Water bottle misters can help with both these things and more – and not all of them are what you would expect. Did you know you can get water bottles that you can drink out of and spray refreshing, cool water on yourself? It’s essential to … Read more

Manna Water Bottle – Stainless Steel Awesomeness

Manna water bottle stainless steel offering is one of my favorites – here’s why. Over the years, I’ve been the owner of many water bottles. I’ve had to buy new water bottles because my old ones kept breaking or wearing out. Hard plastic bottles (and their caps) crack and scratch when they fall out of … Read more

An Insulated Filtered Water Bottle Makes Tap Water Taste Better

An insulated filtered water bottle or tumbler is a great way to boost your daily water consumption. They’re a great way to carry cold water with you wherever you go. The tap water in your community, however, may not taste so great. Cities, towns, and municipalities add things like chlorine to water to keep it … Read more

Hydro Flask or Yeti – How Do They Compare?

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Hydro Flask Alternative – Don’t Break the Bank

Looking for a Hydro Flask alternative water bottle? Want a great insulated water bottle, but don’t want to spend Hydro Flask-level money? You’ve come to the right place! Stainless steel insulated water bottles are great at keeping water or your beverage of choice cold for hours on end. The toughest part is choosing which bottle … Read more

The Best Insulated Water Bottle for Kids

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Fruit Infuser Pitcher is Anything But Plain!

Fill up your fruit infuser pitcher with your favourite fruits, herbs, or vegetables, add water, and let chill. That’s it! Health-friendly drinks await! You can spruce up plain water with fruit, herbs, and/or vegetables to make delicious beverages at home with no sugar, artificial colors, and flavorings, or caffeine. All you need is a fruit … Read more

ThermoFlask vs HydroFlask – Battle of the Bottles

ThermoFlask vs HydroFlask – which one’s for you? We put these bottles to the test to see which one is the best, since A quality water bottle is essential for everyone who wants to have a healthy lifestyle and stay hydrated. The majority of people who started using water bottles reported that their water intake … Read more

The Best Handheld Water Bottle for Running

With the best handheld water bottle for running, you can run unhindered while also enjoying a perfect grip. Handheld water bottles offer insulated cushioned sleeve that keeps your grip comfortable and steady, while also keeping your water at a constant temperature. They also contain numerous pockets to help you keep your phone, keys, cards, and … Read more

Best Filtered Water Bottle – Showdown

I live in an agricultural area, and there are a few times a year that our village needs to add extra chlorine to the water to offset the effects agriculture has on the groundwater. Like most people, I don’t enjoy the taste of overly chlorinated water. Which lead me on a quest to find the … Read more