Roseanna Luther - Founder of Simply H2EauHi There! My name is Roseanna, and I am the founder of Simply H2Eau.

I live in Nova Scotia, a costal province in Canada that is known for stunning vistas along the Cabot Trail, and for the highest tides in the world.

My home is near the Atlantic Ocean, and I’ve grown up in and around the water. From the time I was young, I’ve experienced the power of nature, and how much the water can give – and take away.

While salt water is not suitable for drinking, it does offer many other benefits: beaches for walking and swimming, and fish and seafood for eating. Even the strength of the tide is being harnessed to provide electricity.


The Goal of This Site

Simply H2Eau was founded to share information about water, and to keep up-to-date on the latest water news and tech. As humans, we depend on water every day to keep us hydrated and healthy. As global citizens, we need to take responsibility for our actions and how they affect not only our local environment but also the environment of our fellow earth-dwellers.

Simply H2Eau is committed to providing a comprehensive go-to resource for all things water-related by delivering only the highest quality content that offers true value to our readers.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

I hope you enjoy your stay!

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On this site, you’ll find:


Water scarcity, preservation and conservation, and management are topics that touch everyone’s life and lifestyle. The news section will keep you up-to-date on the latest news, discoveries, and information around the globe.


In the info section, you can find a range of information on such topics as fun and exciting water facts, and how water relates to your overall health and well-being. There’s also a variety of how-tos where you can learn how to filter water in an emergency, or how to make distilled water.


Thinking about reducing your plastic footprint (highly recommended!)? Maybe you want to build healthy hydration habits, or you want to improve the quality of your drinking water. In the Gear section, you’ll find comprehensive reviews on all of these topics – and more!

Review Process

Dedicated to providing readers with the best products, Simply H2Eau is continuously on the lookout for quality products that are budget-friendly and ecologically responsible. Each of the products on the site is tested at home, as well as being extensively researched. Other customers and experts are also consulted to give you the most comprehensive information to help you make an informed decision.

Simply H2Eau takes great care to provide readers with accurate and up-to-date information. For this reason, product reviews are updated when new information is available.


The site does contain affiliate links that pay me a small commission if you click through and buy something, and occasionally I do receive free samples. This does not affect the quality of the reviews on the site. Each product is evaluated on its own merit, and paid or sponsored reviews are not accepted.

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